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Charlie Megira & The Modern Dance Club

Jaffa, Israel

Est. 2013

.. Charlie Megira is a comet.
He'll dazzle your brain with his splendor and tear your soul apart with his poisonous trail.

Hailing from Israel's own Pleiadian realm of Beit-She'an, Megira create tunes that interfuse Belial Rock n' Roll and coffin-shaped New-Wave and Post Punk.

Their Proto-Dialectric uproar resonates back to years and years of savage Rock und Roll. In their music you'll find Link Wray, Johnny Thunders and Ian Curtis, all resurrected back from Megira's subconscious Gehenna.

The band is stark mad and the MC is psychotic. Hey Vesuvian rocker, The Modern Dance Club will make you burst!

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