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The Memories

Portland, OR

Est. 2010

Indie rock band the Memories were formed in Portland, Oregon in 2010 by childhood friends Rikky Gage and Kyle Handley, both of the punk-thrash group White Fang. Their ramshackle, lo-fi spontaneity and simple stoner pop melodies were captured on a self-titled debut album released on cassette by their own label, Gnar Records, in early 2011. They soon attracted the attention of garage/punk/psych label Burger Records, which reissued their debut and would go on to champion the group, releasing several more cassettes and an LP over the next few years. All the while, the Memories continued releasing a steady stream of home-recorded tapes on Gnar and various other indies like Randy Records and OSR Tapes. In 2014, the prolific young band released its third LP, Touched by an Angel, on Lollipop Records in L.A., where the band was now living. Later that year, Burger issued the Memories' fourth album, Hot Afternoon, produced by Sonny Smith of Sonny & the Sunsets.

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