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Bernie Sanders Calls on U.S. to Stand Against Brazilian Attempt to Oust President Dilma Rousseff

August 9, 2016


“I am deeply concerned,” Bernie Sanders’ recent statement begins, “by the current effort to remove Brazil’s democratically elected president, Dilma Rousseff.”

Rousseff, who was elected in 2011 and re-elected in 2014, was suspended in May after a vote in the Brazilian Senate. That body is set to vote Tuesday on whether to proceed with an impeachment trial.

In his powerful statement, Sanders said:

“I am deeply concerned by the current effort to remove Brazil’s democratically elected president, Dilma Rousseff. To many Brazilians and observers the controversial impeachment process more closely resembles a coup d’état.

“After suspending Brazil’s first female president on dubious grounds, without a mandate to govern, the new interim government abolished the ministry of women, racial equality and human rights. They immediately replaced a diverse and representative administration with a cabinet made up entirely of white men. The new, unelected administration quickly announced plans to impose austerity, increase privatization and install a far right-wing social agenda.

“The effort to remove President Rousseff is not a legal trial but rather a political one. The United States cannot sit silently while the democratic institutions of one of our most important allies are undermined. We must stand up for the working families of Brazil and demand that this dispute be settled with democratic elections.”


Written by Natasha Hakimi Zapata for Truthdig HERE