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KO ‘Day Go By’ Short Film

January 21, 2015


A short film for Karen O’s Day Go By is premiering today on Vogue here!

It was filmed in Miami and directed by our faves wiissa, the duo of creative partners Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe.

O says, “I wrote this song when I was living in Los Angeles and my boyfriend was stuck freezing in NYC, I really needed my fix of being with him but was miles away. Wiissa brings summer loving to everyone who’s braving a cold winter’s day with this little video for ‘Day Go By.’ My husband has a Vespa, all I’m missing is the cut off tee and then we too can be as in style as these two cuties in Wiisaa’s ‘Day Go By’ short.”

Hollander says, “We loved the ephemeral nature of ‘Day Go By’ and wanted to capture a glimpse of a summer memory, passing by just as fast as the song fades away.”

P.S. see if you can spot the homages to Karen’s ‘Crush Songs’ album artwork drawings in the video…there are a few!

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