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New Blood Orange Record Is On The Way


June 8, 2016


Dev Hynes revealed that the title for the new Blood Orange album is Freetown Sound, named after the capital of Sierra Leone where his father is from. Hynes stated in a press release the intentions of the new record:

I have just finished making an album about my life, my upbringing, being black in England, being black in movement to this country at the age of 21, the same age that my mother moved from Guyana to London, and my father from Sierra Leone to London. Freetown Sound, the name of my album, is taken from Freetown where my father was born.

He also posted an instagram explaining the mission statement of Freetown Sound, coupled with a visual shoutout to the late Prince.

The new Blood Orange LP will have no title names for its tracks and will be out via Domino on July 1. pre-order here and watch the video below.